My studio is filled with things people no longer wanted.  Every thing that I reclaim becomes relabeled.


Wood scraps tossed in the junk pile become painted and carved pieces of art.  The time I invest changes the labels, transforming scraps into pieces of worth.  On each panel I tell a story, a fable, or a passing observation that gets carved into the wood forever.  Our thoughts and opinions get labels too, from ourselves and others.  In this process I give more value to the thought, the process, and the material.


Recently, I’ve started experimenting with slides.  Slides that are getting thrown away from our parents and grandparents collections by the bundles.  I’m paying tribute to a piece of history, the smallest seconds that it takes to push a shutter button, now captured in color in the smallest of frames.  Two inches at a time the are worked into stained glass like tributes to past moments.


My studio is located in Louisville Kentucky. I share my space with bits and bobbles, puggles, and cats who work as my studio assistants.


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