i always thought that the fact that my interests were divided and i couldn’t stay in the same lane artistically that it was a detriment to artistic career. i had professors confirm as much.

and then

one professor heard my worries. for the first time someone i respected listened, and then smiled.

“that’s a good thing. inevitably there will come a time when you are sick of doing what you have been doing, and you will find you need a break. your varied interests will be a big help at that time.”

sixteen years later i still find comfort in this. i bounce around, paint all the things, and then embroider all the things, and the solder all the things…..i describe myself as a craft bulimic. i get stuck in a medium and work it until i lose interest or collapse, and then move on to different medium.

this site features only my paintings, but if you are interested in following my media of the moment, follow me on instagram,

it’s the easiest way to keep up with my swings.

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